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Inteliheat Thermulate Heating Jackets

Tried and tested the World over, our range of Flexible Heating Jackets simply wrap around the vessel, clip together and the thermostat can be set to the desired temperature. High-grade thermal insulation to reduce heat-loss and increase efficiency whilst providing protection for the operator. Fitted with adjustable retaining straps and quick release buckles. Adjustable or…

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INTELIHEAT Flexiplus Zone 1 Heating Jackets

  With standard sizes to fit 5Gal(25L) to 330Gal(1200L) containers as well as gas cylinders, these jackets are ideal for gentle warming and to avoid winter freezing. A unique self limiting design ensure safe operating conditions are maintained even in the presence of hazardous gasses and dusts without the need for a thermostat.   A…

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