Simplify your installations, expedite commissioning, and reduce maintenance with Honeywell’s line of Bluetooth-Enabled Fixed Gas Detectors. 

XRL bt download

The motive for change: 

Much of one’s agony towards a device typically stems from the lack of accessibility or difficulty of its navigation. We’ve all found ourselves crawling under grating, climbing into a building’s ceiling, or fumbling with a temperamental magnet all to perform a simple maintenance procedure. Among the many struggles faced, have we settled on the logic that the textbook non-intrusive designs are best? Though it may be rewarding to finally conquer the troublesome transmitter, we dwell on the thought of having to contort into another position at the next site. With products built for the commercial and industrial markets, allow a Honeywell Bluetooth-Enabled Fixed Gas Detector to save you money and some misery.

Benefits behind Bluetooth: Simplified InstallationRapid ConfigurationEase of OperabilityFaster TroubleshootingAccessible from SafetyMulti-color LED IndicationAutomated Maintenance ReportingSuitable applications: Wastewater Treatment PlantsBoiler & Mechanical RoomsRefineriesCommercial GaragesManufacturing FacilitiesHospitalsGrow Rooms

Principal Highlights:

With praise to the growth of technology, we wave behind the days of uncertainty in testing and calibration reporting. By utilizing the Android or iOS suited application, you may immediately generate test certificates or maintenance reports needed to satisfy safety and environmental regulations. Though the shift from a known platform to Bluetooth may seem trivial, the number of products turning up in the industry speaks to their wide range of detectable gases, ease of navigation, and simplicity. Consider a look at the video below as one demonstrates how effortless it is to connect and configure a device directly out of the box.