Quincy Dryers

Quincy dryers are an essential tool for condensation management in a number of industrial applications. Their refrigerated air dryers are available in cycling and non-cycling configurations.

For smaller footprint applications experiencing consistent loads, choose one of the QPNC series of non-cycling dryers.

If you’re looking for maximum efficiency, QED dryers feature a three-stage heat exchange system with cold storage, allowing the unit to cycle on and off as necessary.

For a compact, high-temperature system designed to work with reciprocating compressors producing discharge temperatures up to 180°F chose the QRHT.

Equipment in the desiccant dryer lineup — which includes the QHD, QHP, QBP and QMOD models — use the proprietary Q-SORB product to absorb moisture that can lead to operational problems in your compressors.

  • Cycling, non-cycling and high temperature refrigerated dryers
  • Heatless, heated purge and blower purge desiccant dryers