Moore NET Concentrator System® Process Control and Distributed I/O System

Designed specifically for demanding industrial applications, the NET Concentrator System® (NCS) provides a real-time signal gateway between the field or factory floor and your control strategy.)

  • Modular mixed analog and digital I/O
  • Just four or thousands of I/O points per network
  • Peer-to-host and peer-to-peer networks
  • Simultaneous Ethernet and dual MODBUS RTU communications
  • Acts as a MODBUS RTU master
  • Advanced math functions, PID control, and data logging
  • Superior 20-bit input and 18-bit output resolution
  • Installs in high and low temperature environments
  • Quick and simple programming through Internet or software
  • Channel-to-channel signal isolation
  • Transmit any distance, over any terrain