Moore Dual Input Smart HART Temperature Transmitter

Moore Industries’ Dual Input Smart HART® Temperature Transmitters configure quickly and easily to accept a direct signal input from a wide array of sensors and analog devices located in hazardous and non-hazardous areas:

  • Dual sensor input for Backup and Failover Protection, with Average and Differential measurement, Low or High Select
  • DIN model now available with Associated IS for Intrinsically-Safe Field Connections! Apply inputs from temperature sensors located in hazardous areas without the need of a costly intrinsically-safe barrier
  • Device Intelligence includes Sensor Drift and Corrosion Detection, Smart Range Alarms, High availability, Input Simulation
  • Exceptional accuracy for critical application
  • 20-bit input resolution delivers exceptional digital accurac
  • HART 7 compliant; HART & DTM Programmable with user-oriented basic configuration for fast and accurate setup, robust toolset
  • Customizable display shows real-time process status and valuable loop diagnostic information (TDZ3)
  • Long-term stability, up to 5 years between calibrations