Honeywell SmartLine STT650 Temperature Transmitter

The SmartLine STT650 DIN rail mounted temperature transmitters offer high measurement accuracy, stability and reliability over a wide range of process and ambient temperatures.

Their compact designs, along with dual channel options, help accommodate multiple temperature measurements on a panel, thus lowering both costs and inventory. Designed to deliver very high performance, the SmartLine STT650 easily meets the most demanding needs for temperature measurement, allowing it to replace virtually any transmitter available today.​​​​

  • High accuracy – 0.1°C for RTD
  • Faster response, up to 135 ms update
  • Stable measurement, 0.12% of span for two years
  • Built-in 1500 VAC galvanic isolation
  • Superior noise performance – tested for 2 KV surge/2.5 kv burst noise
  • Sensor diagnostics
  • Simple and easier configuration
  • Compact design, saving over 50% panel space.