AUMA Variable speed actuators SAV and SARV with ACV

With SAV .2 for open-close duty and SARV .2 for modulating duty, multi-turn actuators, are paired with intelligent ACV .2 actuator controls. The proven AUMA SA/SAR range is enhanced by variable speed models. AUMA are spearheading market technology offering a broad speed control ratio.

Actuators of the SAV type range for open-close duty and positioning duty are rated for class A and B or types of duty S2 – 15 min. A special version for longer running is available for the S2 – 30 min duty.

The modulating actuators of the SARV range are rated for class C or types of duty S4 – 25 %. Special versions for S4 – 50 % and S4 – 75 % are also available.