Product Categories: Ultrasonic Liquid

SoundWater Camano™

      A flowmeter for long-term flow monitoring with a wall mount touch screen and separate transducer set. It also connects to your SCADA/PLC systems. Ideal when a local display is required or for submersible applications. SoundWater Reciprocity Architecture Auto-Adjusting Ultrasonic Power Connects with your SCADA/PLC Gel-free transducers (optional) Measures wide range of fluids…

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SoundWater Cypress™

      A compact lightweight ultrasonic flowmeter with external power and com­munications for long-term flow monitoring. This single piece ultra­sonic flowmeter installs on the outside of your pipe and senses flow through the pipe wall. The Cypress Flowmeter connects wirelessly with your mobile device via Bluetooth and your SCADA/PLC systems. Long-term flow monitoring Connects…

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SoundWater Orcas™

      A portable ultrasonic flowmeter designed for speed and ease of use. Orcas wirelessly connect to your mobile device and displays measurements in the Orcas app. The ultrasonic flowmeter installs on the outside of your pipe, capturing an accurate and reliable flow measurements in under one minute, Orcas saves you time and money….

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