Maybe Covid has finally driven me crazy!  I started writing a serious blog about the Government of Alberta’s $55 million program to help small- and medium-sized businesses improve their facilities by making them more energy efficiency, but I was quickly distracted.  Instead, I thought I would do something more fun! Here are 5 rock-song-themed ways that will help you determine if your company is a candidate to receive funding. As a registered contractor within the program, all of us at CB Process understand of the program and can help you determine if your facility can be updated using this government funding. So here’s the list, let’s see if your facility qualifies.

  1. Did your compressed air piping inspire David Wilcox to write his song “Layin Pipe”?  (1987) – If your piping is this old, there’s a good chance it has leaks or internal rusting, which means your compressors are working harder and costing more than it should.
  2. Were your burners installed when “Burn baby Burn” was popular? (1977) – Wow, these old burners are making your boilers and heaters boogie on overtime. Definitely time for replacement.
  3. Were your compressors built when Air Supply was making it big? (late 1970’s) – Those were good times, but do you realize that was more than 40 years ago?!  The efficiency of the new compressors will have you “All out of Love” for your old compessors.
  4. Do your operators yell “Great Balls of Fire” when lighting off their burners? (1957) – Yikes! Do I even need to say anything? Trust me, you’re a candidate for funding for sure.
  5. Is Phil Colins’ “In the Air Tonight” about your facility drowning in costs from all the leaks? (1981) – If this is the case, I would lend a hand, because I’ve seen your problems before my friend.

If you can relate to any of these, or if you just want to learn more about the program, check out our solutions page and we can help you determine if you qualify for funding.