Ultrasonic Liquid Flow

Measuring flow through pipes is essential in a wide range of settings: well monitoring, pump testing, flowmeter verification, irrigation, wastewater, potable water, cooling, chemical production, food and beverage processing, semiconductor manufacturing, pump applications, petroleum processing, water utilities, and dozens of other industries and professions regularly need to make these measurements.

SoundWater Ayyeka Wavelet™ Remote Data Collection

Description & Features




Ayyeka’s Wavelet is an Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT) system, created in order to bring modularity and flexibility to the world of remote data acquisition.

The Wavelet is a discreet, robust device that autonomously operates best-of-breed, third party sensors, using battery, solar power, or a permanent power source. The sampled sensor data is collected, transmitted securely, and then stored on Ayyeka’s cloud-server and/or a customer’s on-premises server. Data can be visualized and managed via Ayyeka’s web-based graphical data management system, and integrated into SCADA systems and third-party software.

With its introduction to the infrastructure market, Wavelet is becoming a dominant IIoT solution for setting up cyber-secure, plug-and-play, affordable smart infrastructure networks.

  • Installs on the outside of your pipes
  • Continuous flow monitoring
  • Real-time water data
  • Identify water leakage
  • Report NRW accurately
  • Simplify flow management
  • Inform water strategy formulation

SoundWater Camano™ Ultrasonic Flowmeter & Wall Mount Display

Description & Features




Camano is a flowmeter for long-term flow monitoring with a wall mount touch screen and separate transducer set. It also connects to your SCADA/PLC systems. It’s ideal when a local display is required or for submersible applications.

The Camano offers accurate and reliable flow measurement quickly in a wide variety of applications — with minimum setup time and maximum ease of use!

  • Long term flow monitoring
  • Wall mounted touch screen & App
  • Submersible
  • SoundWater Reciprocity Architecture
  • Auto-Adjusting Ultrasonic Power
  • Connects with your SCADA/PLC
  • Gel-free transducers (optional)
  • Measures wide range of fluids and pipe types, including challenging applications
  • Flexible control unit mounting and connection options

SoundWater Cypress™ Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Description & Features




Cypress is a compact lightweight flowmeter with external power and com­munications for long-term flow monitoring. The Cypress Flowmeter connects with your mobile device via bluetooth and your SCADA/PLC systems — no wires or bulky electronics box. It’s a single piece ultra­sonic flowmeter that installs on the outside of your pipe in a snap — and senses flow through the pipe wall.

Your mobile device helps you setup the hard­ware and displays readings. Quick, simple installation — 5 minutes from start to finish.

  • Long-term flow monitoring
  • Connects with your SCADA/PLC
  • SoundWater Reciprocity Architecture
  • Auto-Adjusting Ultrasonic Power
  • Mobile App for fast, intuitive setup and use
  • One-piece construction; no assembly
  • Gel-free transducers (optional)
  • Wireless design

SoundWater Orcas™ Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Description & Features




Orcas is a portable ultrasonic flowmeter designed for speed and ease of use. With the Orcas, you can capture accurate and reliable flow measurements in under one minute — saving you time and money.

There are no wires and no bulky electronics to haul around. Your mobile device connects wirelessly to display measurements. And, the ultrasonic flowmeter installs on the outside of your pipe. With Orcas Flowmeter and the Orcas App, you’ll get your job done more quickly every time.

  • Measure flow in under one minute
  • SoundWater Reciprocity Architecture
  • Auto-Adjusting Ultrasonic Power
  • Sized for carry-on and transport
  • Connects with your mobile device
  • Gel-free transducers (optional)
  • Battery powered

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