Jogler Magnetic Level Gauge

Jogler Magnetic Level Gauges are a safe, economical way to measure and control liquid levels in vessels of any size and shape. JMGseries Magnetic Level Gauges and JXC-series External Chambers share common features in terms of design, code compliance, weld procedures, and materials. These products are custom designed for each application to provide a true level for any liquid level application.

  • Designed to comply with ASME B31.3 or B31.1
  • Pressures from FV to 5000 psig (345 Bar)
  • Temperatures from -320°F to 1000°F (538°C
  • Fluid SG as low as 0.25
  • Interface ΔSG as low as .025
  • Wide range of materials
  • Indicator visibility to 200 feet
  • Lengths up to 50 feet
  • Magnetostrictive transmitter option
  • Multiple switch options
  • High temp and cryogenic insulation
  • ASME code U and S certified facility
  • PED and CRN certified construction
  • ISO 9001 quality system
  • Five-year warranty on all parts